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Welcome to our website.  

Water is a precious and finite resource. The need to conserve water is gaining more recognition every day. Australia, being the driest continent in the world, should be leaders in the vital practice of water conservation. Nature Flow® Systems provide a solution to the challenging problem of balancing commercial viability with water conservation.

We are an environment responsible business providing quality Nature Flow® wastewater and water treatment for both domestic and commercial applications.  

We offer an economically competitive "green" alternative to conventional wastewater and water treatment utilising Nature's own method of disinfection (ultra violet sterilisation).  Nature Flow Systems benefit from the use of patented self-cleaning UV technology - chemical free and non-mechanical. Tried and tested - this system is effective, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly!  

The Nature Flow Household Sewerage Treatment System is accredited with the Smart Approved WaterMark, Australia’s water-saving label for products and services around the home and garden.

Our innovative self-cleaning UV technology was featured on the ABC's New Inventors show and was voted the People's Choice for the episode!

Proudly Australian owned and manufactured.

How clean is your drinking water? The Nature Flow® Water Treatment System enables the homeowner to make use of all water collected via rainwater tanks without the worry of waterborne bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. 

It is a chemical free water treatment system that uses patented self-cleaning ultra violet technology to effectively disinfect greater than 99% of waterborne bacteria and viruses*. Ultraviolet water treatment is also effective against Cryptosporidium* and Giardia* – two viral organisms commonly found in tank water especially after heavy rainfall.  

Why buy bottled water when you can own the factory?  

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*Subject to source water quality.

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