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We are a family owned and operated business located in Hervey Bay, Qld.  We utilise local manufacturers and suppliers, most of which are located in SE Qld, and are proud to say that our products are Australian made.  

The technology was developed by Ken Bryer along with his son-in-law Tim Prince primarily as a response to the recognised need for improvement in the disinfection methods used for onsite domestic wastewater treatment systems.  Chlorine was the preferred method at the time (approx 10 yrs ago) however Ken looked to a lesser known alternative in this market - UV disinfection due to its non-chemical and environment friendly credentials.  

Following further investigation it was identified that UV disinfection was not commonly used in the domestic wastewater treatment market due to limitations with higher maintenance requirements resulting from fouling of the quartz sleeve due to the nature of the water being treated.  (UV disinfection has been used more extensively in industrial/commercial applications.)  Ken and Tim started to look at ways to overcome this limitation and developed the "self-cleaning device" or turbine.  This technology now enjoys patent protection in key areas throughout the world.

Patenting recognises the "uniqueness" of technology and acknowledges that the technology advances the field it is patented within. 

This patented technology provides economical, environmentally responsible water and wastewater treatment systems for domestic and commercial applications.  It overcomes the acknowledged weakness of ultraviolet treatment with its non-mechanical self-cleaning process, a process that does not require significant maintenance nor increase the number of moving mechanical parts within the system (and thus does not increase risks of component failure).  It is effective, efficient and environmentally sensitive water and wastewater treatment - a product of an ever growing market.

While Ken has since retired (due to health reasons) from active participation in the operation of the business, his two son-in-laws Brett & Tim maintain their interest in Nature Flow Systems.

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