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All Nature Flow Mk II Sewerage Treatment Systems must be serviced once a year by an authorised licensed service person.  Commercial and large domestic units may require more frequent service intervals.

On completion of your annual service you will receive a copy of the service report and another copy will be sent to your local council for their records.  This is a local authority (Council) requirement and a condition of your approval to install a treatment plant on your property.

The homeowner must have a current service agreement with a licensed service provider at all times.


Authorised Nature Flow Service Agents:

Brisbane & Greater Region

Fraser Coast & Wide Bay


Maintenance Schedule – Basic

Primary Chambers 1 and 2

Clean suspended solids filters on outlet.  Hose any matter off the filters back into the primary chamber of the tank.  

Pump Well 1 (MF)

Check operation of alarm by pressurising clear alarm tube connected to control box.  Check pump & high level alarm operation.  

Media Filter(s)

Check for ponding.  Check drainback to pump chamber.  Check air venturi – ensure carbon filter in good condition.  Advise owner on general state of maintenance around treatment plant (i.e. mowing, weed control, fencing, signage etc).

Pump Well 2 (Disposal)

Check operation of pump & high level alarm.  

UV Disinfection Unit

Check unit operation.  Service every 12 months at minimum.  Refer to manufacturer’s recommendations (owner’s manual etc).  Replace cleaning felts and o’rings.  Replace UV lamps as required (intermittent operation).  Replace UV thimble as required.

Chlorine Disinfection Unit

Check unit operation.  Check chlorine tablet level and replenish if required.  Service every 12 months.  Check condition of o’ring (if applicable) that seals the lid to the chlorinator.  Take care when screwing lid onto unit that the o’ring is correctly located.  

Disposal Field

Check and service rotary valves (if applicable).  Check for ponding.  Advise owner on general state of maintenance around disposal field (i.e. mowing, weed control, fencing, signage etc).  Check sprinklers for blockage.  Clean inline filters, flush out lines.

Diversion/retention mounds

Check condition of mounds and advise owner of any maintenance requirements.  



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