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Site evaluations provide property owners with details of the property soil type, the type of treatment plant suited to the property and the disposal system required.  This may include soil tests and in some circumstances environmental impact studies.  A written report is provided on completion of the site evaluation.  A completed site assessment will be required to provide accurate quoting for your wastewater treatment system as the biggest variable in installation is the type and size of the disposal field.

Your site assessor will require this information to undertake the assessment.

Setback Distances for secondary treatment systems.


We recommend the following Site Assessors:


Coastal Wastewater Specialists

Contact: Brett Howard on 0400 497 166

Edwards & Associates

Contact: Dennis Edwards on 0419 311 876

Geotech Drilling Services

Contact:  Carl Conran on 0412 672 514

Queensland Wastewater Management

Contact:  Michael Rolls on 0418 789 102

Please Note:  In some council areas these plans will be drawn up by council when you apply for approval. 


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