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Feeling unwell and not sure why?

Ever thought…maybe it’s in the water?

Tank, town or bore water supply we have a solution to your water problems...

Nature Flow Systems manufactures water treatment systems for both domestic and commercial applications using patented self-cleaning ultra violet technology.  The Nature Flow UV Water Treatment System can be installed to provide both "point-of-use" and "point of entry" (preferred & recommended) water treatment.   

"Point-of-use" systems consist of a water treatment unit placed under the kitchen sink etc (or the point of use) to provide high quality clean drinking water.  

"Point of entry" water treatment refers to the placement of the water treatment system at the point of entry to the house providing high quality treated water to the entire house.

Nature Flow Water Treatment Systems are available as both "bare" and "complete" units and can be tailored to client requirements.  

"Bare" units generally consist of the UV cylinder, glassware, control box with alarm light and mounting brackets.  

Alternatively a "complete" unit is preassembled in a poly cabinet and includes UV cylinder, glassware, control box with alarm light, 25 micron polyspun sediment filter, 5 micron granulated activated carbon filter, inline 10 micron stainless steel filter at outlet, ball valves for ease of installation and maintenance and stand.  These units include a full owner's manual with installation guidelines.

Where supply water quality results in increased filter cartridge replacement the double pre-filter model provides a less expensive larger micron initial filter (25 or 50 micron polyspun) to cope with dirtier water rather than increasing the frequency of replacement for the more expensive smaller 5 micron GAC filter.  

Nature Flow Systems have manufactured potable water treatment for commercial applications including prominent ecotourism resorts in Australia.  These systems are designed to client requirements and are site specific.

Regular servicing of drinking water units is recommended.


Servicing & Maintenance

Nature Flow Drinking Water Treatment System require at least annual servicing (some installations may require more frequent service intervals eg commercial applications).

At this time the UV lamp, cleaning felts and o'rings should be replaced. 

The manufacturer recommends that the quartz sleeve be replaced every two (2) years or as required. 

Filter cartridges should be replaced on an "as needs" basis - this will vary significantly between installations depending on source water quality and flow rates.  Filters should be checked during an annual service but generally filter cartridges will require replacement at a higher frequency, at minimum at least every 6 months.

Where spin filters or inline strainers are installed these should be flushed clean.  Visual and audible alarms should be checked for correct operation.  The overall installation should be checked for any other maintenance required eg insect infestations, general condition of other plant, framework and pipework in general.

Your Owners Manual will outline maintenance requirements and provide general guidelines however servicing by a suitably qualified person is recommended.

We offer servicing for units installed in Brisbane and the surrounding areas.  Contact us for further information.



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